What is Cram Lab?

Hi there, I’m Clare and welcome to the Cram Lab Blog. I am thrilled to bits to have you here.

My mission is simple: To help get your teenager’s high school study on track so they can get the results they’re actually capable of.

This Cram Lab Blog is where I pour out everything I know about studying and write about all sorts of high school-study-related topics, everything from essay writing to maths study, motivation and productivity, exam-day techniques and sometimes ‘bigger picture’ discussions about high school and being a teenager.

I use Substack to host my Blog rather than at cramlab.org because it makes it so easy to deliver all of my study tips straight to your inbox, and because the community is so awesome — you can jump into any of the comments sections on any article to ask a question, leave a comment, and join the community of other parents trying to make sure their kid gets the results they’re capable of.

My main website cramlab.org is where you can find free resources to kick start your teen’s Study System, free Printouts to download and share with your teen, and take a look at the courses and 1:1 Help I also offer.

Some of the free resources available at https://www.cramlab.org

Who am I?

I’m a Mum of three from New Zealand Aotearoa. I’m a practising lawyer with a postgrad law degree from the University of Melbourne. My undergrad was in Biomedical Science. I have sat a stupid number of exams…

I love my legal work, but ever since high school I have tutored Maths and Science, and I became bewildered at the absence of teaching of study skills, and I watched these teenagers attempt to study and sit exams with no clue how to approach the process.

In attempt to combat my frustration with the unnecessary struggle that so many students face, I have been writing about studying since 2010, and now with Cram Lab I have brought all of the resources and knowledge I have accumulated over the years and can share them/it with any teen anywhere in the world.

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I am honestly FIZZING at the prospect of helping your teen get their study on track and the results I know they’re actually capable of.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Let’s do this.

Clare x

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